Stalk Talk: Did Paris Hilton Tail Robert Pattinson to Japan?

Stalk Talk: Did Paris Hilton Tail Robert Pattinson to Japan?-photo

In an interesting coincidence—or not—celebutante Paris Hilton has arrived in Japan just a scant few hours after Twilight idol Robert Pattinson.

Benji Madden's ex ostensibly traveled to the Land of the Rising Sun to appear at a  promotional event at the No Name club in Takeshiba, Tokyo. But there may be ulterior motives at work.

Hilton was said to be flirting heavily with the man who plays Edward Cullen at an Oscar party on Sunday night.

The Mirror reported that guests at superstar agent Patrick Whitesell's Academy Awards bash were aghast while watching Hilton drag RPattz outside to the garden for some private time.

Hilton had reportedly dragged her law-enforcing sister Nicky around the party trying to locate "Edmund Cullen," and then spent an hour giggling and talking with him before the garden gambit.

Pattinson escaped her manicured clutches at 4:30 a.m. in preparation for a flight to Japan, so he could attend the Japanese premiere of Twilight.

And now—surprise!—Hilton, too, has found a reason to visit Japan. Such interesting timing.

This all took place despite Paris having an alleged new man in her life.

She's supposedly seeing Amanda Bynes cast-off and Hills minor-league ballplayer Doug Reinhardt, who has accompanied Hilton to the Far East for her promotional appearance for designer Samantha Thavasa.

But Hilton is a rich girl who gets what she wants. So it's not a stretch to suggest that she might have booked a couple of tickets to Japan in pursuit of her Twilight crush.

If Paris tells Dougie Boy to go ahead and enjoy a night of sushi and sake on his own, he should really think twice.

Do you think Paris really flew to Japan after her crush? Let us know in our poll!



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  • chanelle

    to pairs you are the best can me and my family come and vist you we life in australia nsw 102b mcmaahons road kurrijone love you love chanelle.derwin

  • paige


  • oneseveneternal

    lets put it in perspective if you were Paz Hilton would you follow Robert to Japan? HELL YES! If given the chance and i was in the neighbourhood i'd stalk him within an inch of his life, Paz is only human and R.P. is HOT!!!!!! (and blatantly not human)

  • natasha

    Robert Pattinson is charming and good mannered im sure the only reason he gave paris the time of day was out of being nice and cause he was probably bored and this weirdo runs around the world trying to attract him lol or it was just a great mere coincidence on her part !Poor rob he just wants someone to like him for himself !

  • M

    I just hope he values his health and fame. If he does have a fling or start dating Paris, I hope he's prepared for the consequences. I hate to say this but fans will lose all respect for him. Robert, your fans just want your safety (health or otherwise)

  • Michelle

    it's 'edward' not edmund!!! Thank you for correcting them on the name!

  • kriste

    paris dont play around with ROBERT,we fans of robert care and love this man,dont ever touch him with your dirty hand...or i will kick you away to the outerspace so that u cannot touch him or near to him...

  • unkown

    she is a slut and a beach

  • unkown

    hilton is just useing him she is a lonley person if she hurts him i will kill her

  • unknowable

    well..robert did give his time at the oscars to her..and being a what "the rising starand a very down to earth personality" he makes a girl she's charmed no doubt about that we dont knw if he likes her...only she knows..or he knows..see..its not upto us to say ..what they can like or not ..they are like us..not quite but thy are very rich...he might ..u know..i mean he got no girlfrnds..too busy ..tooo lonely and too much pressure..wht do we expect come to us and marry there more thn million girls after him..but only made for we never knwo if she'd be the one..??who knows.. lets see..what can we get ..out of hilton -pattinson fling..

  • saarah

    its f*cking hollywood..and rich people get what they want hollywood or no hollywood..well she got hots for him well ..who does'nt being rational..every girl is after big deal ..she gona get him..but it will be a more thn that ...and he will be left hurt cuz she is after that "edward " not "robert" whn the dream breaks she'll let go of what she thinks is eveythingits Paris Rich Hilton she gets wht she wnats but it becomes nothing cuz charm whn we are far fromoit whn we get it ist all gone closed...a fling no more thn that ..

  • paris skank
    paris skank

    eow paris wants edward enough to stalk him.. she is clearly using the doug guy as a front. poor girl, she's the one chasing after him.

  • J

    it's 'edward' not edmund!!!

  • jo

    The mirror make up 99% of their gossip items.

  • regans

    Um, her feet are huge.