The ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Curse Strikes Again!

Competing on Dancing With the Stars is starting to make a career in bomb defusing look like a day in the park.

Following on the hobbled heels of a tendinitis-stricken Jewel, fellow Season 8 contestant Gilles Marini has fallen prey to a pulled groin, E! Online reports.

“It’s like you dance with a knife next to your thing,” Gilles, who played studly Dante in the Sex and the City movie, says of his injury. “It keeps stabbing me.”

Luckily, the 33-year-old actor has seen a doctor who’s prescribed him anti-inflammatory medications, which should put him on the mend in time for the season’s March 9 premiere.

“He’s in great shape so he should be fine,” Marini’s rep notes.

The last season of Dancing With the Stars was similarly plagued with injury. Julianne Hough required surgery to have her appendix removed. Misty Mae-Traynor tore her Achilles tendon. Kim Kardashian cut her toe open. And another contestant appeared to suffer from a bizarre aging disease.

We’re tempted to say a prayer for DWTS contestant Steve-O right about now, but that guy’s been through so many self-inflicted injuries that he’s probably bulletproof by now.