VIDEO: Allison Harvard Is Top Model’s Bloodthirsty New Babe

Cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model premieres on March 4. And one of the most…interesting…new additions is Allison Harvard, an aspiring model with a bloodlust.

In the clip above, Harvard explains to Top Model host Tyra Banks and the Jays that she is obsessed with blood.


Allison, who describes herself as having “scary doll eyes,” told Tyra that she has a “really big fascination with blood” and finds nosebleeds to be “really pretty.”

The other girls better break out the crucifixes and garlic this cycle! Tyra—put on a turtleneck, girl!

Harvard goes on to say that she’s “really interested in hemophilia” and notes that she might “give off a strange vibe.” No, really?

When Banks reveals that she suffered nosebleeds as a child, Allison’s one-word answer (“Jealous!”) and crazed eyes are chilling.

Perhaps Allison can take the role in New Moon that AnnaLynne McCord had to vacate?