Whitney Port Needs Her Coffee

Whitney Port Needs Her Coffee-photo

Being the hottest thing going in reality TV can be exhausting.

Just ask Whitney Port, who recently ran from The Hills and straight into her very own hit show, The City.

Port, 23, was spotted yesterday morning after hitting up a Starbucks in Brentwood, California.

From the looks of things, the caffeine had yet to enter her bloodstream.

But then, very few of us tend to be at our best first thing in the morning. Especially Whitney, who tends to shine brighter in the afternoon. Particularly if she's wearing a bikini.



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  • noah

    Seeing Whitney without her makeup is like realizing your parents are the Tooth Fairy. The fantasy is just ruined. Good thing I own several paper grocery bags and strictly forbid eye contact in my bedroom.

  • itsmemarke

    according to a former starbucks barista, those markings indicate that she drinks a triple venti skinny vanilla latte, which means nonfat milk, sugar free vanilla

  • bawwow

    rough night?