Jade Goody: Controversy, Cancer and Love

Reality show star Jade Goody, 27, is one of the most visible reality show stars in the UK right now.

Not because she won anything. But because a figure known to millions of people is in the end stages of cervical cancer and is fighting to make the most out of the time she has left.

Goody first came to prominence as a contestant on the UK’s Big Brother in 2003, and built herself a career appearing in other reality shows and even released her own fragrance and autobiography.

She drew the ire of her country in 2007 when she reportedly made racist comments to a housemate on Celebrity Big Brother.

Public resentment against her diminished when, while appearing on India’s Big Brother in August of last year, she was informed she had cervical cancer two days into her stay in the house.

Goody immediately flew back to England. After various treatments and surgeries, Goody released a statement on Feb 14 admitting that doctors had told her that her illness was terminal and she only had weeks to live.

A weakened and bald from chemotherapy Goody recently married her longtime on-and-off again boyfriend Jack Tweed, 21, in a lavish ceremony at the Down Hall Country House Hotel in eastern England this past Sunday, according to Yahoo!.

200 guests cheered for the bad girl turned tragic heroine when Goody and Tweed exhanged vows.

The couple reportedly sold their wedding photos for $100,000+ to OK!.

Goody has said that she is trying to insure that her two sons – Bobbie Jack, 5 and Freddie, 5 – are taken care of and receive a proper education by selling photos of her wedding and appearing in specials depicting her battle with cancer.

“People will say I’m doing this for money,” she told the Sun. “And they’re right. I am, but not to buy flash cars or big houses. It’s for my sons’ future.”

During the wedding ceremony, Goody was reportedly too weak to stand 45 minutes in, so she sat down with her groom beside her and her two boys crawled upon her lap.

“It was just a very beautiful, very moving service,” her spokesperson said.

Goody has also increased cervical cancer awareness. Cervical cancer screenings are said to have risen in number in Britain since Goody’s prognosis went public.

As for the bride and groom, Tweedy (who is currently on probation for assault) received a special dispensation to spend Sunday evening with his bride.

“It might be their only night together,” her rep remarked.

Goody is currently at home, recovering from the exertions of her wedding day.

She is reportedly in too much pain to make her doctor’s visits and has a nurse administering injections for pain every four hours. She has a hospital bed in her dining room in Essex.

“I am sure she will recover, Jade being Jade. She showed how resilient she was at her wedding and she’ll do the same again,” her rep told the Telegraph.

“She just needs a few days’ rest and I’m sure she’ll be better by the end of the week.”