Latest UK Report: Lindsay Converting to Judaism

Even on their short UK trip, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have acted out the Katy Perry song — they’re up and they’re down, they’re in and they’re out.

Is there a lyric that rhymes with the latest English report — that Lohan is converting to Judaism for Ronson? 

That’s the report from the UK’s Sunday Mirror which insists on the budding conversion for the roller coaster couple. This includes the tidbit that Lohan’s Facebook page has apparently been changed to “I’m converting.”

Further, the paper says that Lindsay and Sam walked into a synagogue together on Friday arm-in-arm. When an onlooker asked Lohan if she was converting, the starlet then responded, “I’m trying.”

The twosome then returned the following day to celebrate the bar mitzvah of Samantha’s half-brother Joshua.

Lohan was raised Catholic but has reportedly flirted with Kaballah in the past. But we’ll have to file this under “We’ll see.”

The two arrived in London on Thursday where they reportedly spatted getting off the flight. On Friday they emerged for cameras happy as clams doing some shopping. Next report soon, we’re sure of that.