Megan Fox Brings the Heat to Smoke House

There’s Smoke House hot, and then there’s Megan Fox smokin’ hot.

The Transformer’s star took time yesterday for a rather long lunch at the Burbank eatery to take in some messy-good food and a serious discussion with a mystery man.

Fox, who broke off her engagement with Brian Austin Green last week, fought to keep her hands clean as she worked on the barbecue-chicken sandwich on garlic bread (the house special), according to general manager, Izzy Aviles. 

“It’s a little messy that sandwich. You need some handy-wipes for sure,” says Aviles. “It’s a good meal and I can tell you, she doesn’t need no diet. She looks excellent.”

And the mystery man? Things sounded interesting as the two moved into a more private room to talk after feasting. But Aviles says “it looked like she was doing an interview.” 

So no love interest then, which is a relief to Aviles. “After seeing her in person, sign me up for that wish-list,” he pines. “She’s more than hot. And any girl that likes barbeque, that’s my kind of woman.”

“All she needed was a sexy cowboy hat.”