Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston Biking

Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Justin Gaston took a morning bike ride to grab breakfast at Paty’s Restaurant in Toluca Lake on Friday. The 16-year-old superstar and her underwear model-boyfriend have been spotted making the rounds of the area’s eateries, paying heed to the age-old adage, “The couple that eats out together has a built-in excuse to get away from the teenage girl’s father.”

Cyrus is apparently a regular at Paty’s, the historic diner-style restaurant centrally located near a number of studios. “She comes a few times a month,” our Paty’s source tells Celebuzz. “She doesn’t have her own table, she just sits with everyone wherever there’s a place available

“She’s real nice,” the source says. “If someone wants to take a picture or wants an autograph, she’s very easy-going about it.”