Aniston and Wilson On German Television: Got Milk(bone?)


Hollywood superstars Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston may think again before appearing on German variety shows.

The Marley and Me stars were set to promote their film on the Germany’s ever popular Wetten, dass…? show. Both ended up with a mouth full of dog biscuit, according to

The show’s host, Thomas Gottschalk, asks visiting celebs to bet on whether another guest of the show can deliver on a promised strange talent.

This show’s special guest turned out to be a German woman who claimed that she could be blindfolded and identify each of her team of Huskies merely by the sound they made while lapping up a bowl of soup.

Though it begs the question how this woman developed this particular “talent,” Aniston bet on the fraulein’s canine slurping acumen, while Wilson showed a lack of faith. At stake? The loser of the bet would have to dine on a few dog biscuits, which prompted Wilson to moan, “I wish I had known the stakes first.”

When the woman delivered, correctly picking out each of her pups, host Gottschalk invited both stars to join him in a light snack. Though Aniston had guessed correctly, Wilson put an arm around his costar and said, “Honey, we’re in this together.”

Each one took a bite. Aniston, ever the picky eater stated the obvious, saying, “They’re a bit dry.” But Wilson seems to have completely gone to the dogs, enjoying his so much that Gottschalk packed him up a doggie bag of biscuits to take with him.

Why do we get the idea that’s not the first time Wilson has eaten dog food?