Halle and Gabriel’s Beautiful Family Shopping Trip

They can’t be human because we’re not built to look that good. 

Halle Berry and her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry took their daughter Nahla out for some shopping in sun-dappled Malibu on Saturday. The trio picked out some Levi jeans for dad before heading back to their hybrid Lexus SUV. (Okay gorgeous, in love and eco-friendly?!)

Berry carried Nahla to the car before strapping the little one into her seat with her little bunny!

Halle is currently filming Frankie and Alice, a drama about a young woman suffering from multiple personality disorder. 

Nahla, whose name means “Honeybee” in Arabic, is just weeks shy of her first birthday. She can certainly be thankful for a gene hot tub that includes an Academy Award winning actress, and a stud who gets paid $30,000 a day to stand around in his underwear.