Report: Ex To Prince Harry “Be(er) Mine”

Prince Harry’s ex is hoping the way back into his Royal’s arms is through a couple of pints, according to a British report.

The News of the World has reported that Chelsy Davy is trying to woo back her beverage-loving Prince by inviting him on a student pub crawl with her friends from Leeds University. 

Two months ago, the 23-year-old Davy tearfully ended their five-year relationship, even reportedly going so far as rejecting Harry’s invitation to a Valentine’s Day date. 

Friends of Davy told News of the World, that the comely blonde was playing it cool in an attempt to win back a newly-committed Harry. But things backfired for her as Harry was widely reported to be flirting up a storm, including with newly divorced Aussie pop starlet Natalie Imbruglia.

When the cold-shoulder doesn’t work, plan B is clearly the cold beer. 

Though Harry has yet to accept the invitation, sources said that the Prince, “would love to go.”

And why not? The infamous pub crawl passes through about twenty different bars in the Leeds area, with revelers in fancy dress. And there are only a few simple rules to the evening, the main one being that men drink an entire pint at each pub, while the women must consume a half-pint.

What could possibly go wrong?