Bono: 'Chris Martin's a W@nker!'

Bono: 'Chris Martin's a W@nker!'-photo

Bono and Chris Martin would seem to have a lot in common.

They're both singers who front bands specializing in anthemic arena rock. And they've both been known to lend their names to a cause or two.

But U2's normally good-natured frontman displayed no solidarity with the Coldplay warbler during a recent radio spot with BBC Radio One DJ  Jo Whiley, the Daily Mail reports.

After playing a Coldplay track and asking Bon if he thought Martin is as talented as Paul McCartney, the U2 singer shot back with a profane response.

"I think he's that good a melodist, but he's a wanker," Bono opined.

Stunned, Whiley cut Bono's answer off midway and asked the singer if he'd like to publicly apologize for the statement. To no avail.

"I'm a reformed character, I don't do that any more," Bono replied. 

Then he found room in his mouth for his other foot.

"[Martin's] obviously a completely dysfunctional character and a cretin but he happens to be a great melodist and up there with Ray Davies, Noel Gallagher and Paul McCartney," Bono offered.

At which point Whiley told her audience, "I'm sorry if anyone is listening at the moment who were offended by the words that Bono said. I will apologize on his behalf."

This is far from the first time that Bono has caused controversy with his words during a live appearance. Most notably, in 2003, while accepting a Golden Globe, the singer caused an uproar by blurting out that the award was "really, really f*cking brilliant" on live TV.

Maybe Bono should save his voice for singing from here on in.



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  • U2 sucks dick
    U2 sucks dick

    bono is just pissed that U2 sucks so much. god hes so ugly.

  • Marlene

    Bono is joking, but if he's serious, I totally agree with him.

  • helen

    claiming that bono was serious and has hate for chris martin is like saying that bono is a satan worshiper based on the picture celebuzz has picked up top. its total media convultion. he was TOTALLY joking, and we all know that the irish are not known for their light, haha, jests. There is absolutely no reason why bono would respect britney spears and have her in his song, and not respect chris martin. he did not apologize because it was all a jokkkeee.

  • Jason

    He's not the messiah; he's just a very naughty boy! I think Bono was trying (and failed miserably) to make a joke. Yesterday, Cold Play graciously played for free at the Australian Sound Aid concerts for victims of the local bushfires and even took the time to learn a song by a not so big Australian artist called John Farnham and play backup while Farnham performed this song. Cold Play had their own concert later the same day, so that was bloody decent of them. Chris Martin has been very self-deprecating in interviews here and a real good sport. Bono on the other hand, seems to have too much pride to make a clear and unambigous apology. I am a big U2 fan, but I believe none of us are above treating people with due respect.

  • Andrew

    This is not news. This is nonsense. Listen to the interview - he was very obviously joking, as was the interviewer.

  • marymary

    Why would you say he's a melodist in the league with Paul McCartney and then insult him like that? I don't believe for a minute he was kidding. I think he was being rude. If it had been juswt one comment, he could play it off that way, but not when he went on to say more. Really unnecessary.

  • Anvil

    Celebuzz, did you even listen to the interview?? It's obvious Bono was having some fun. It was a friendly jest, nothing more. The BBC interviewer was either trying to make mountain out of a molehill, or she's paranoid about being ousted because of the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross affair. This is another example of trying to manufacture the news. Pathetic, really.

  • bawwow

    haha amazing pic of bono.

  • sbaran

    Hellraiser meets the Joker's bastard cousin?!

  • itsmemarke

    bono looks like a freakin' looney in that picture. he should keep the sunglasses on

  • ellabella

    When did Bono start wearing eyeliner?