Halle Berry Launches Her Fragrance…Sexily

Celebrity fragrances might not be the most original concept right now, but when the packaging is this attractive, all is forgiven.

Halle Berry has released her Halle by Halle Berry perfume in conjunction with fragrance manufacturers Coty, after a reported two years of research into finding just the right blend of aromas. If these ads for the new scent are any indication, it probably includes a hint of lilac…and a triple dose of sexy.

“Halle is an iconic actress and symbolizes beauty to many generations,” Steve Mormoris, senior vice president of global marketing at Coty Beauty US, told WWD.com last year. “She adds another dimension to the celebrity fragrance market. Halle has always been a little more mysterious, not quite as open with her personal life as some other stars. Her fragrances will allow her to present another facet of her personality to her fans.”

And what does a photo of Halle wading derriere-deep in the water, her head turned over her shoulder to reveal a come-hither gaze, have to do with this goal?

Who knows? More importantly, who cares?

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