Holly Madison: Yellow Dress for a Blue Girl

Holly Madison: Yellow Dress for a Blue Girl-photo

The 5th season finale of E!'s The Girls Next Door aired last night and Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, and Bridget Marquardt practically washed out the doors of the Playboy Mansion on a tsunami of salty tears.

The finale, taped last October when the girls all split from "boyfriend" Hugh Hefner and left the mansion, featured the ladies who enthralled us for five seasons with their Playmate antics going their separate ways.

Kendra left to eventually get engaged to NFL star Hank Baskett (and land her own solo reality show for E!), and Bridget was off to work as a host for the Travel Channel.

Madison—seen here in a very Doris Day-type dress at the Foxtail nightclub in Hollywood on Saturday night—recently had another occasion to turn on the waterworks.

Shortly after bailing on Hef—and her Playboy photo-editing gig—to spend more time with with her boyfriend, illusionist Criss Angel in Las Vegas, her romance with her magic man disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Judging from Madison's 1,000-watt smile as she entered the Foxtail this weekend, though, she seems to be over it.



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  • mckenzie

    holly u look so pretty in that dress :)

  • Fly

    Ewwww was Criss Angel aware that this bimbo was doing such an old man for years. He was old enough to be her Grandpa. How could he? He must have known where her mouth was for years. just gross.

  • dbird

    Something is fishy. Holly broke up with Hef before Kendras breakup was announced. I remember a reporter asking her if she missed the girls and she said she hasn't gone anywhere she's still at the mansion. She hadn't yet moved out and all the girls were still there. So how come on the final show Kendra has split and left the mansion before Holly has broken up with Hef and Bridget is gone as well.It left off with Hef saying he thinks Holly isn't happy. But no break up has officially taken place on the show yet. Its not playing out the way it was announced in the news. I never believed the split was for real. I also remember Kendra on the Chelsey Lately show talking about how things had changed at the mansion and how some skanky girls were there and she had to keep her bedroom door locked all the time because she didn't trust them. But on the show last night Kendra has already moved out before any new girls have come into the picture and before Holly has broken up with Hef on the show. I don't think its a coincidence that Holly has broken up with Criss Angel right before the the break up episode. Something isn't right. I think it was all for ratings. The twins are probably being paid for their role in it all. Now that Kendra and Bridgett are gone Holly will be back in the mansion and they'll probably marry.

  • Tommy

    Can I get one of your chocolate vagina mold. I love whores like this b**ch. Don't knock Holly us guy love our whores we just don't date them like Criss Angel did. Just bang them and move on fast.

  • Hooters is calling Holly Ho Skank Bimbo
    Hooters is calling Holly Ho Skank Bimbo

    AND back to Hooters Holly goes. Criss I hope you take lots of showers to get the dirt off of you for being with Ho lly.

  • sbaran

    Is she going out on the town after church on Easter Sunday?

  • saja

    what a *va jay jay* she was dumped by a guy who she was """so much in love with "" [yeah right] and shes all happy ??? what a fake whore!!! her love for hef was as fake as her plastic face and tits!!!and her ex chris wow he must feel like the biggest loser now. shes laughing at him