Jennifer Aniston on Her Divorce: 'There Were No Bad Guys'

Jennifer Aniston on Her Divorce: 'There Were No Bad Guys'-photo

Jennifer Aniston's super-blissful relationship with puppy-eyed troubadour John Mayer seems to be mellowing her.

The 40-year-old actress talks to the UK edition of Elle in its April issue (on newsstands this Wednesday). Among the topics, quite naturally, is her seemingly tempestuous non-relationship with Angelina Jolie, current companion to Aniston's ex-husband Brad Pitt.

"I don't owe anybody my side of the story. There are no sides!" the former Friends vixen claims. "There is no bad guy and there is no good guy. There are no villains and there is no heroine in this story. It’s just not the case."

The "it's all good" viewpoint marks a dramatic turn-around for Aniston. In November, Jen told Vogue that Jolie was "very uncool" for telling the press that she had fallen in love with Pitt while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005—a period that coincided with Pitt's marriage to Aniston.

What a difference in perspective new love can make. Or maybe Aniston's elevated mood is the result of an improved diet.

Either way, Aniston's forgiveness was evident in the smile that she flashed at Pitt and Jolie while presenting at this year's Academy Awards. And the reported crying jag that Jen went on prior to the Oscars? Tears of joy—duh!


Have your say in the comments section: Has Aniston really gotten over her divorce to Brad, or is she just putting on a brave little face?



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  • doreen

    i know that brad pitt love jennifer but that angelina so called has a bit power to collect men that why and by this time Jennifer has get a true man for her life and i know she will have babies of her own.When i watch her movies and she give birth then she will be looking at the baby and started to cry then i become worried.I will pray for you okay don't worry.

  • LaLa

    Old hags love Aniston because they can relate to being dumped. Also she's more relatable than Jolie because she's homely, average looking and that's more how they see themselves. Ya'll hate Jolie because she's g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s and you can't handle it. hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahah!

  • carol

    [quote=Courtney Cox-Arquette]Brad Pitt is nothing special neither is that Jolie. They are as fake as press on nails child!Jennifer Aniston is a real woman. She never made out with her brother, f*cked Billy Bob nor wore a vile of blood. Look at the facts. Jen has this in the bag people!Kate Moss can't find a job.

  • Courtney Cox-Arquette
    Courtney Cox-Arquette

    Brad Pitt is nothing special neither is that Jolie. They are as fake as press on nails child! Jennifer Aniston is a real woman. She never made out with her brother, f*cked Billy Bob nor wore a vile of blood. Look at the facts. Jen has this in the bag people! Kate Moss can't find a job.

  • jen is hypocrite
    jen is hypocrite

    After a serial of boytoys, including a famous intimate lapdance on Vince Vaughn knees in an hotel balcony, two weeks after signing the divorce paper. She should be over it ! Otherwise that hypocrite is a fraudulent desease milking her divorce for sympathy gains to further a career. She is pathetic ! No woman or man can play the cheating card or so called hurt feelings and betrayal part when they are themesleves caught in an intimate situation with someone else BEFORE there are even pictures of her/his ex with another one. As soon as she got with Vince less than a month after signing those divorce papers, she proves that she was done. Abd if my memory serves me well, i recall her saying right after signing the divorce papers that from now on, Brad was a free man and that he could do anything he wants. Just because her own affair didn't work out at the end, doesn't means that she has to play the victim retrospectively seeing how successful her ex was with his new love. Criticizing her ex for moving on with his life, when she was doing the same as well before being dumped by Vince makes her the ultimate hypocrite ! You cannot have it both ways !

  • Jami

    There are interviews where she has said it's over, I don't want to talk about it. Specifically a Larry King Live, granted she was 1 year out of the relationship, but she has said it's over and done. On Oprah, because it was asked again, she said "turn the page, I have." and I'm sure this interviewer asked about the divorce again .I'm sure she's sick of the same questions about things that happened ages ago. But she answers and she's holding on to the past. What about the suckers that buy the tabloid crap every week, as long as her face sells the magazine they will print anything that sounds sensational. I agree with the above post, Brad got off easy. Jen & Angelina are taking the heat for the cheating husband. He wasn't honest and moved in with Angelina before the ink dried on the press release of their separation. Good for Jen. She's happy with John, she's got back to back #1's at the box office and she looks amazing. What more could a person ask for?

  • cynthia

    I'm totally over it. many people i know are over it. obviously brad pitt was over it a long time ago so why can't she just say i'm over it no more questions about this topic please. she just sounds pathetic now. tell them you are done with this topic already jen.

  • Tina

    She always tries to be polite when she's asked about him, but she's right - anything she says is taken out of context and blown out of proportion. She needs to just say "Asked and answered" and refuse to go further. Jen needs to channel Jane Asher - Paul McCartney's fiance in the sixties. After she caught him in bed with another girl and dumped him she refused to discuss him ever again. That's the only way to play it.

  • Charlotte

    Who knows… But it does seem unlikely that Pitt would just stop loving Aniston even though he was having the affair with Jolie. The timing and the insensitivity of Pitt is the real turn off. Who in their right mind would do a magazine photo shoot playing “pretend” family with the woman he was cheating on his wife with??? Pitt was clearly out of his mind with lust for Jolie to do something so “in your face” to his then wife. Even if he needed to leave the marriage, Pitt should have had a bit more decency. When I read all of the articles, I find I’ve lost respect for Pitt, not Aniston or Jolie. Pitt was weak and then instead of claiming the truth of his confusion he attempted to protect his “image”. (Yeah, we see right through you, buddy.) So what happened is that Jolie is set up to be the hated “house-wrecker - husband-stealer”, which is not fair and Aniston is set up to be lied to and viewed as pining after a weak guy with his tail tucked between his legs (Pitt). Pitt’s the real fool. And if Aniston and Jolie are not able to see it, they’re both foolish too.

  • gemma

    Now she's talking about not talking about it? OK, got it. She's so over him she'll even present at the Oscars when he's nominated than get so nervous she messes up the what, 2 lines she had, than run off the stage only to return cause she's not done yet. What a pro! Felt bad for poor Jack that night. Looked like he'd rather be in solitary confinement than on that stage with her. She's not over it and never will be. Knows she'll never get better than what she had and lost.

  • chichilavie

    i think she's over it. i know i'm totally over it.

  • pescatello

    obviously, if you were completely to blame for a divorce, if you were totally crazy and wanted babies so bad and kept being a pain in the ass and then asked to comment on who was at fault - obviously you'll say there were no bad guys. What do we expect?

  • Cloé

    She is a lady. She has never discussed it.

  • sbaran

    for god's sake, she's in pain, people!

  • bawwow

    she will never get over brad pitt. its brad pitt, for christs sake