Jennifer Aniston on Her Divorce: ‘There Were No Bad Guys’

Jennifer Aniston’s super-blissful relationship with puppy-eyed troubadour John Mayer seems to be mellowing her.

The 40-year-old actress talks to the UK edition of Elle in its April issue (on newsstands this Wednesday). Among the topics, quite naturally, is her seemingly tempestuous non-relationship with Angelina Jolie, current companion to Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt.

“I don’t owe anybody my side of the story. There are no sides!” the former Friends vixen claims. “There is no bad guy and there is no good guy. There are no villains and there is no heroine in this story. It’s just not the case.”

The “it’s all good” viewpoint marks a dramatic turn-around for Aniston. In November, Jen told Vogue that Jolie was “very uncool” for telling the press that she had fallen in love with Pitt while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005—a period that coincided with Pitt’s marriage to Aniston.

What a difference in perspective new love can make. Or maybe Aniston’s elevated mood is the result of an improved diet.

Either way, Aniston’s forgiveness was evident in the smile that she flashed at Pitt and Jolie while presenting at this year’s Academy Awards. And the reported crying jag that Jen went on prior to the Oscars? Tears of joy—duh!


Have your say in the comments section: Has Aniston really gotten over her divorce to Brad, or is she just putting on a brave little face?