Kendra Wilkinson Swears: No Wedding Wardrobe Malfunction

Kendra Wilkinson is almost as famous for the occasional accidental flash on The Girls Next Door as she is for being one of Hugh Hefner’s lady friends.

But the former Playboy mansion resident insists that there will be no wardrobe malfunctions on her wedding day with Hank Baskett.

“I promise (my dress) is not moving,” Wilkinson tells Celebuzz. “I have faith it will stay up.”

“My dress will be stuck to my body and not move.”

She does give herself one malfunction caveat for the yet-to-be announced wedding date destined for her old stompin’ grounds at the Playboy Mansion. Everything will stay up ”unless I jump in the grotto!” she says. Dress-transparency is the grotto-motto after all.

Other than that, Wilkinson has been feverishly working on her wedding plans and sweating over the biggest detail − the wedding colors. “My color scheme has changed 15 times,” she says, declining details on the final color. But no matter. “There’s a chance it might change again. I cannot make up my mind.”

Though America watched Kendra move out of the mansion and say her goodbyes, she admits,  ”I miss all the animals. And the grotto. And my lavender room.”

On other notes:

Kendra on the possibility of Holly Madison being a bridesmaid as planned: “We are such a huge part of each others lives that of course I want her as a bridesmaid. If she’s not there it will definitely feel like something’s missing. Like an empty hole.” 

Kendra on what she misses the most about Hugh: “The hardest part was probably leaving the memories. I was there for five years or so. It’s just the little things I miss, eating dinner and traveling together.”