Kevin Federline: Looking For Craft Services on Britney’s Tour?

As evidenced by these photos, Kevin Federline has arrived in New Orleans to join up with his ex-wife Britney Spears’ Circus tour.

But is he tagging along to look after the couple’s two young boys, Jayden James and Sean Preston, or to scarf up as much food from Brit-Brit’s concert rider as he can?

Unless that’s a really unfortunate choice of hoodie, K-Fed has gained some weight.

He no longer looks like a backup dancer. In fact, it looks like he might have given birth to his two children with Spears.

Even worse for K-Fed (K-Food?), his former flame looks pretty darn good in her underwear, if Spears’ recent photo-shoot is any indication.

When he’s not playing touring babysitter for his two young’uns, Federline is on a bowling team with his scantily clad new girlfriend Victoria Prince.

Perhaps it’s time to take up a slightly more, um, active activity?