Lil’ Kim: Dancing With the Stars Has a Captive Audience

Lil’ Kim, one of the contestants on the new season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, has revealed that she was an avid fan of the show during her prison stay.

“When I was in prison, me and my girls used to watch [Dancing with the Stars],” Kim tells the Insider. “My girls were like, ‘Kim, you need to be on that show.’ In prison you have to all agree what shows you watch. If we can’t agree, it doesn’t get watched. Everyone watched it faithfully. It’s like the No. 1 show in prison!”

Kim did time in a Philadelphia prison after being found guilty of perjury in 2005.

The rapper (and former protege/alleged lover of slain rapper Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace) was also eager to be partnered with dance pro Derek Hough on the show.

“I was hoping and praying that I got Derek for my partner,” Kim admitted.

Hough, apparently thinking that perjury is the same thing as assault, says that he was initially apprehensive about dancing with Kim.

“I was nervous [to meet Kim], but she’s so soft-spoken and nice. We gelled immediately,” Hough said.