Lindsay and Sam: Fighting Again in London

Couples counselor field day Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were snapped while out clubbing last night in London and seemed to be having a happy evening for once. At first.

Lohan and Ronson hit the Bungalow 8 nightclub after attending a Bar Mitzvah (which seems to have sparked Lohan’s apparent interest in converting to Samantha’s religion of Judaism).

The gals were reportedly smiling while sampling from a bag full of miniature Jack Daniels and vodka bottles in the back of their car before arriving at the club in central London.

Exiting the hangout at 4 a.m., the girls met up with Sam’s brother, producer-of-the-moment Mark Ronson, and hit someone’s private flat for some after-hours activities.

When they left the private get-together at 5 a.m., guess what? They were fighting! Perhaps they ran out of love juice?

Splash News reports that the ever-volatile couple “exchanged a few words” and were visibly “upset” before returning to the private residence where they were staying.

It’s a shame that LiLo and Sam can’t find lasting peace in their relationship. But there’s always tomorrow.