Taylor Swift, Quick-Change Artist

Fearless isn’t just the title of Taylor Swift’s runaway smash-hit album. It’s also the approach she takes to her concert wardrobe changes.

The 19-year-old Swift performed at the 74th Annual Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida, yesterday. Rather than have her backing band play a vamp while she ducked backstage to switch outfits, Swift peeled of her jeans and black T-shirt right there in front of the assembled fruit enthusiasts to reveal a gold-lamé dress.

Hopefully, none of the attendees threw crumpled dollar bills up onstage during the wardrobe switcheroo.

Pretty bold for a gal of her seemingly demure leanings. Has Swift fallen under the spell of Lady GaGa’s campaign of pantsless-ness?

Could be. But the bigger question is, why is a singer with such a red-hot career right now performing at a strawberry festival?