The Jonas Brothers: 2nd Place Isn’t Bad?

The Jonas Brothersnew film, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience grossed $12.7 million this weekend. Which left their hugely hyped effort in the dust behind a sassy senior citizen in the pokey when it came to this past weekend’s box office.

Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail was still the #1 film over the weekend, forcing the boys into second place, despite the major amounts of publicity that went into promoting their 3D concert film.

Box office trackers estimated that the film would gross at least $30 million in its opening weekend. Unfortunately for the tween superstars, it fell far short of that.

The boys couldn’t have done anymore to sell their movie. They even showed up at theaters to watch it with fans.

In fact, movies in this genre (G-rated and family friendly) usually make more on Saturday than they do on Friday evening. Jonas Brothers didn’t. It made $4.8 million on Friday and less ($4.5 million) on Saturday. Not exactly “Burning Up.”

Jared Gray of Box Office Mojo says that there’s a couple of reasons why the JoBros’ flick might not be performing up to expectations.

“The Jonas Brothers don’t have a TV show,” he told E!. Unlike Miley Cyrus, whose 3D concert movie made $31.1 million in its opening weekend and was the basis for the brothers’ box office forecast.

It also might be a gender issue.

“Those tween girls are looking up to girls, not boys, for their source of inspiration,” Gray said.

Another reason for the boys’ runner-up status might be the country’s current economic recession.

Nevertheless, it couldn’t hurt next time if they contacted Tyler Perry and perhaps came out with Madea Meets The JoBros?