‘Bachelor’ Shock: Dumps Fiance For Runner-Up

In a remarkable, even shocking twist of fate, Bachelor Jason Mesnick chose and then dumped finalist/fiance Melissa Rycroft in the show’s season finale. He then took the opportunity to immediately pursue a relationship with the show’s runner-up Molly Malaney.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Mesnick ended the official Bachelor series proposing to Melissa and sending a tearful Molly off in the limo. But Melissa’s happy days with her Bachelor were short lived. In the six weeks since the finale wrapped, Mesnick had a change of heart and desired his Molly.

He broke the news of his change of heart to  Melissa in front of television cameras after their happy finale aired. While spending most of the time on the couch with watery eyes -  incidentally captured on camera -  and insisted that he “hated” himself, he still broke off the engagement. He said that his feelings had changed. Melissa dramatically handed back her engagement ring and then took off.

Cue more tears for the apparently tortured Mesnick.

Out came Molly who quickly forgave her man for being overlooked once. With the couch seat still warm from his former fiance’s butt, the previously engaged and tearful bachelor was making out on it with the woman he had sent away on the show’s finale.

Mesnick said he was “following my heart.”

“If some people don’t like it, I get that. It’s not the classiest or coolest thing in the world,” he explained, in one of the bigger understatements of the day.

Indeed, when Mesnick appeared on Jimmy Kimmel following the Bachelor, he took some hard knocks. Kimmel’s other guest, Evangeline Lilly from Lost, said she didn’t want to stick around to meet him.

“I’m so disgusted by him I don’t want to be in the same city,” she told Kimmel. “I’m afraid he might turn to me and say, you know…”

What do you think? Was Mesnick following his heart and being truthful, or is he the biggest jerk of all time? Let us know in our poll below and our comments section!