Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson Dog it in London

Relationship drama? What relationship drama?

Marley & Me co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson showed up at the VUE West End theater in Leicester Square, London, yesterday for the UK premiere of their dog-driven cinematic vehicle.

And if Aniston, 40, was still stewing over her seeming feud with Angelina Jolie, she wasn’t showing it. In fact, draped in a lovely blue gown, she flashed the winning smile that she’s become so well-known for on the red carpet.

During Aniston and Wilson’s German jaunt to promote Marley & Me, the pair displayed their canine solidarity by munching on dog biscuits on a televised reality show. The change in diet seems to have done Aniston well, judging from those strong, white chompers and shiny, healthy coat.