Kimmel to Bachelor: "You've Been a Very Bad Boy"

Jimmy Kimmel said what America is thinking about Bachelor Jason Mesnick.

"You've been a very bad boy haven't you?" Kimmel asked when Mesnick appeared on the show last night immediately following his shocking Bachelor finale.

No one sums up the whole situation better than Kimmel. "Our next guest proposed on national television to the love of his life and then an hour later, dumped her to go out with the other love of his life."

"He is a fickle pickle."

Mesnick made Bachelor history when he dumped the woman he chose to be his wife (Melissa) to take back the runner-up (Molly).

Jason wanted to tell the audience that this was "his real life."

"People can question that, or doubt that, but they're real feelings," he said, attempting to be sincere.

Mesnick explained that on the last day of shooting the show proper, he was "falling in love with two girls."

The cad explained that after spending the six weeks in between the finale and the After The Rose special (which aired directly after the finale) with Melissa, the "chemisty was completely different. The relationship was completely different. How was I supposed to lead somebody on....if it really wasn't there?"

Kimmel grew somewhat sympathetic to Mesnick's explanation.

"You should have married her and lived with her for 40 years and then broke up," he joked.

Mesnick also revealed that they were broken up before camera rolled for After The Rose. And that he was forced to dump her for the first time in person in front of the camera per his contract with ABC.

"I hated that," he admitted. "If I could go back and take that pain away from her...I would."

The fickle father says that he's "really" with Molly now.

"Do you have the numbers of the other contestants in case your change your mind?," Kimmel jabbed.

Good question!

Do you think Mesnick is a "bad boy" or do you accept his explanation.



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  • bfgsgrf

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  • Isaac Ahn
    Isaac Ahn

    I am troubled by the question you ask in your last sentence. When Mesnick (left) made the announcement in the first “After the Rose” special that he would be leaving Melissa for Molly, he expressed his genuine regret in toying with the emotions of both women. He also tried to appease them, the rest of the female contestants, and the audience by stating that he fell in love with two girls. By confessing his mistake and admitting to his inability to make a decision, he pulled the veil off the ideology that The Bachelor is a gentleman. Throughout the seasons, the bachelors on the shows have played to the softer side of the cultural ideology of masculinity. They have given out roses, proposed marriage and expressed “genuine” love in a plethora of grand romantic gestures. I believe that when you asked the question “Do you accept Mesnick's explanation, or is he a bad boy?,” you are asking viewers to categorize Mesnick into either the “gentleman” category or the “bad boy” category. Both categories are encouraged in masculinity, and although they may hold conflicting instructions on behavior, don’t you think Mesnick is simply behaving to social instruction? Also, as the bachelor, is Mesnick really either a “gentleman” or a “bad boy”? And by asking the question that you did, are you not encouraging the masculine cultural ideologies of “the gentleman” and “the bad boy”? The narrative that has persisted on the show over the years has followed a man who seems to have everything except the perfect woman to love. This heteronormative narrative seems to continually resonate within viewers, a testament to the longevity of the show. I am glad you wrote this post on your views regarding Mesnick’s decision because it so clearly demonstrates how men are socially molded to adapt two different and contradictory, ideologies of masculinity. The Bachelor, with its powerful narrative, encourages one ideology. If and when will the show expand on its definition of a masculine being?

  • Kimberly

    i dont like that man

  • Rhonda

    Any blog I see where someone takes up for Jason and Molly just has to be their relative...Molly, how can you stay with him after witnessing what he did to Melissa and then him putting his tongue in your mouth 5 min later.. Makes me ill

  • rschleger

    spineless as they come - did you even see this guy run after melissa when she bolted - it was almost funny - you could almost hear him saying "Oh, Oh, Oh melissa why are you leaving the stage - don't be mad" - the issue was not only the break up on national tv - the issue also is he professed his love and within 6 weeks now he is not in love - give me a break - what happened - if you are a serious individual you try to work through that in some fashion or have the strength of character not to propose in the first instance - he clearly does not have the strength of character from what I saw - guaranteed he does not wind up with molly either - As for Melissa - SMOKIN HOT, NICE and WITH DEPTH to her character - at some point she will realize this was best for her - would say to her - foget the guy and pretend he no longer exists because in the long run he's really not that great at all once she removes herself from the whole experience and steps back - he really is just a wishy washy putz and that has nothing to do with the fact that tears come out of him faster than I can get water out of my sink - it's just that's what he is

  • kountrygurl

    I think people need to get over it. What is done is done, and anyone, and I mean anyone being put in that position would do the same thing. We were all taught that it is worse to act like your in love rather than actually be in it. Pretending is fake and Jason Mesnik proved that he wasn't. So men cry, it shows there emotional side, and all women know that we could all use a little more of that. Its not like the guy is a construction worker from Missouri or rough country, he is from the city and has the right show emotion, its called caring, people should try it more!!! Let it go PEOPLE! We are only human and therefore we are entitled to make mistakes, sometimes you have to let something go to find out if it is true!


    Jason Mesnick has no strength of character at all! He is SUCH a jerk for what he did to Melissa. How does Molly know that he won't do the same thing to her? Does he think that people who have been married for 50 years have the "feeling" every minute of the day? Love is a comittment, in addition to being a feeling. He didn't even give his relationship with Melissa 6 weeks. I'm so glad that Melissa discovered NOW what a HORRIBLE catch he is. At least 6 months from now she won't have to listen to how he had an affair because he had to "follow his feelings"....

  • hispanicatthedisco

    He's a scoundrel!

  • noah

    What Would Chris Brown Do? He'd slap her. Consider yourself lucky Melissa.

  • tracimac

    Call him what you want, he's still super hot. I'd let him dump me on national television any day.

  • daniel

    Melissa messed with Jason's mind, MOlly worked on his heart. Jason has a weak mind, but a good heart. But he is a jerk for subjecting Molly to this public humiliation.

  • thesoapgoddess

    Jason doesn't get it. It wasn't that he broke up with his pick (that happens all the time with Bachelor/final pick). It's the way he did it on national television. Jason is a total schmuck.