Madonna’s Son David Banda Enjoys A Snow Day

Madonna’s adopted son David Banda is obviously a long way from his homeland of Malawi.

Taking advantage of the storm that recently covered the northeast in powder, the three-year-old enjoyed a day out in the snow-covered fields of Central Park, New York City with his nanny yesterday.

The celebu-tot, bundled up in a hooded winter coat, knit cap and mittens, laughed it up as his caretaker towed him around on a sled. He even loaded up on ammo for a possible snowball fight.

It’s unusual that mom Madge wasn’t there joining David in his wintry revelry.

After all, she’s shown no compunction about venturing out into the snow herself.

But it’s entirely possible her hands were full with her other child.

And we’re not talking about Lourdes or Rocco.