Morning Frills #162: ‘Bubbling Over’ Edition

Joe Francis gone mild?

Quite possibly, and it would all be due to the influence of one Abbie Wilson.

Native Oklahoman Wilson, 21, isn’t just the cover girl of the April Girls Gone Wild Magazine; she’s also the girlfriend of Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis—though the nature of their relationship has been hush-hush until now.

Though Wilson has been seen on Francis’ arm at such high-profile events as the Sundance Film Festival and the Academy Awards, the world at large has been left in the dark about the stunning blonde. But now, in a possible sign that he’s preparing to—gasp!—settle down and get serious, Francis is introducing his honey to the general public in the pages of his fine, upstanding periodical.

Francis isn’t the only one in the relationship who’s making introductions. In her GGW Magazine interview, Wilson reveals that Joe has already taken a major step in their relationship—meeting his potential future in-laws.

“[Francis is] one of the smartest people I’ve ever met,” Wilson gushes. “And he’s very sweet. Even my parents love him.”

But the Sultan of Spring Break isn’t completely ready to throw in the towel on singledom. “Anybody who sees this issue of Girls Gone Wild Magazine will understand how amazing Abbey is,” Francis concedes. However, he cautions, “Don’t write my obituary just yet.”

Oh, Joe; we would never make the mistake of writing you off prematurely.

We will, however, click on the gallery to zoom in for a closer look at your hot girlfriend.