Aubrey O’Day: Hottie for the Defense?

Aubrey O’Day tells OK! Magazine that there’s more to her than meets the eye—which is pretty impressive, given that she’s already revealed so much of herself to the world.

The ousted Danity Kane songstress reveals that, prior to embarking on a career in entertainment, she was preparing to enter the legal profession.

“I was actually going to Columbia for law school, and I wanted to do international law,” O’Day, 25, reveals. “I wanted to save refugees. That’s what I probably would be doing. I come from a family of attorneys, so I’ve constantly been in a political mind state since childhood.”

Thankfully, O’Day decided to channel her altruistic impulses into other endeavors—such as standing up for publishing heiresses’ right to a vibrant social life.

O’Day—who says that she has “two charities internationally, and I do a lot of really good things,” further reveals that she hopes to bring a very personal approach to her humanitarian missions in the future.

“I want to adopt a whole bunch of babies from a ton of different countries and have my own little rainbow tribe like Josephine Baker,” she notes.

Josephine Baker? What, no love for Angelina Jolie, Aubrey?

Maybe O’Day is trying to kiss up to Jennifer Aniston.