Melissa Rycroft: "I Don't Want People to Feel Sorry For Me."

Melissa Rycroft:

She made it to the top of the Bachelor heap and had the engagement ring.

But six weeks after she trembled with joy over Jason Mesnick's proposal, Melissa Rycroft was tearfully handing him back the ring on national television and calling her former love "a bastard." Then she attempted a dignified walk-off in massive high heels.

Nonetheless Rycroft tells People magazine, "I'm going to be fine." Though she is still single, she added. "I don't want people to feel sorry for me or that I was a victim in all of this. I'm going to be okay."

"It was a life lesson and I wouldn't be where I am now," she said. "I remember sitting on the set going, 'I wish you hadn't put the ring on my finger, I wish things hadn't gotten so far.'"

But then again after the show ended, she knew things were not right: "The few times we did see each other, we were trying to find out what it was on the show that attracted us to each other."

Have your say in the comments section: Did Melissa Rycroft deserved to get dumped by Jason Mesnick?



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  • Josephine M
    Josephine M

    Malissa is a wonderful person. Molly has no respect for herself. No woman of a good character will accept Jason. Molly you were dump and became second choose. I expected Molly to say "No thanks, I have no spot in my life for you" but hey she goes right on making up with Jason after Malissa leaves the stage. Karma JAson and Molly in JEsus name this relationship will not last. I can now see why his wife left him. Jsason is a such a pretender and a lier.

  • syl

    I will never watch the Batchelor AGAIN!!! Jason is a total jerk for allowing this to happen on national tv to Melissa. He & Molly deserve each other, she is just as low class as he is..... Melissa, hope you find your true love, someone who deserves you. Good riddens to this BASTARD!!!

  • garsh5258

    Jason is a jerk, a loser and does not deserve Melissa. He was following something - not sure that it was his heart - may have more to do with massage tables. I do hope to see and hear more from Melissa - don't care to hear anything from Jason or Molly. I feel sorry for his son. Bad karma Jason and Molly. Has anyone seen or heard anything more on Melissa?

  • Cat

    I will never watch the Bachelor again! Melissa gave her heart to Jason, and he just stepped on it. As for Molly I have no respect for her either. What kind of woman would want a relationship with such a fickle so called man. I sure hope he doesn't shoe up on the Bachlorette trying to get Jillian back. UGH Jason go get therapy.

  • Cindi

    I hope that Melissa finds a wonderful man to be with....she deserves so much better than Jason. Melissa is beautiful, fun, and a great person! I will be surprised is Jason and Molly last? They just don't seem to mesh well together, but whatever. I'm sure the whole thing lead to good ratings for the show. I'm just sad that Melissa got hurt in the crossfire.

  • anjela

    of course it is more understandable now-the payoff is enormous for the person dumped- Melissa's parents didnt want to go on camera because they knew the script and didn't want to be a part of it. They knew thier daughter was going to get dumped from day 1.....they said you go ahead with it and you take the money but it is going to follow you forever and will it be worth it...He didnt pick Stephanie as she was going to be offered that part but they were afraid that people wouldn't stand for it she being a widow and also is about to get a huge settlement from the aircraft that her husband die din....Big lawsuit going on there-perhaps it is already settled. But it all makes sense now doesn't it.

  • Barbara

    Wouldn't you like to know what is in that contract. If I were Jason to save face I would be talking. Of course I really didn't see where it bother Jason or Molly at all. Ok so Molly knew what was going on before she came on life TV that night but don't you think she could have at least acting like she felt a little bad for Melissa instead of laughing when she said "what about Melissa". Neither of them showed any respect for Melissa at all. Hey Jason, is it not true that you met Melissa's brother when you met her friends but the producers edited him out to make it look like poor Melissa's family didn't care enough about her to be there for her? Why after Melissa told on the air that her family wanted to talk to you didn't they show any of that conversation? Jason for you to let this take place and not MAN UP to the producers WOW all I can say is they must either have something on you or they offered a lot of money. NO REAL MAN would have let that happen contract or not!

  • Barbara

    I think the producers owe everyone a very large apoloy and the sooner the better. Jason fell for Molly early on (when there were 5) and told the producer. They asked him who would be his second choice and of course it was Melissa. Because we loved Melissa so much and the producers knew that they made him take Melissa to the final two and told him he had to propose to Melissa and not tell Molly or Melissa what was going on. Then they told him he would have to break it off with Melissa on life TV. Makes you wonder what's in the contract they sign (take your first born)? I can't imagine what would be in there that would make a person hurt another person on purpose and on life TV. I think the producers are the ones that need to answer some questions.

  • biggmommy50

    Melissa you are the person I was hopeing that he picked it was something about you was perfect and I don't know what happen Jason is a fool and yes he said follow his heart but is Ty ready for Molly I don't see the conection but I guess I hope that you be ok and you find you angel for Jason Mesnick is another Brad Womack a big tail Jerk and ABC should have not played against you at all that wasn't right and the producer knows it was wrong why hurt you on natinal Tv ask you to marry and the dumped you on national that was hurtful and Jason was wrong.I don't see Molly being that mom figure but we shall see its funny when Jason ask Melissa to marry Ty was happy camper and when he change to Molly he wasn't real happy. Jason you picked Molly for you not TY and Molly looks like your ex-wife

  • ...

    I love melissa. She is the best and jason dosen't deserve her cause she is too good for him! Melissa is very pretty and my role model. I hate Jason, and love Melissa! im pretty sure the whole world was going to Melissa!

  • Jess

    I do not think Jason should have proposed if he had any feelings for Molly at all. And that is where all the angry is not that he is with Molly and not Melissa. I think Melissa is great and has handle so far this bad situtaion very very well. I would like to see more of her. Not on the Bachelor but in some other way. When watching her she also had me and my husband smiling she was just fun to watch. I hope great things open up for her because of all of this. Jason has proven that he is a selfish person. But hopefully him and Molly can go off and not be heard from again.

  • mr hi
    mr hi

    i am so pissed that melissa got dumped but now i relize if jason doesnt want her he than he shouldnt want anybody cause she is the most amazing most beautiful person in the world... how many people could make so much fun out of jumping of a boat in rain well she can. She deserves the best. the only reason jason mesnick even though about molly after the proposal is cause he wanted to feel bad for her.didnt jillian say at the end of the day that all im looking for is a best friend and he said i want more than a best friend. And then on the show he said that at the end of the day molly is the best friend. i also recall hearing that the most important thing in the world to him is his son and didnt he warm up to melissa right away and at first he refused to even talk to molly. Well all i have to say is that melissa deserves the best..