Paris Hilton Works On Her Skills

Stalking celebutante Paris Hilton doesn’t have to venture far from home to work on her stripper skills. In fact, she doesn’t have to leave her home at all.

The socialite has a full nightclub, complete with stripper pole, in her basement.

It’s not known at press time if her servants are instructed to throw one-dollar bills at her while she works out on it.

These just-released photos depict Hilton celebrating her recent 28th birthday with a party in her homegrown nightclub with friends. The party reportedly went to five in the morning.

And the stripper pole isn’t the only eye-catching feature of Hilton’s ultra-private hangout. Paris’ club also features portraits of her (of course), booths for guests to lounge in, recording equipment, and a neon sign reading “THAT’S HOT,” her infamous catchphrase.

Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere was one of the guests at Paris’ birthday soiree.

No word if she made a quick exit or not when Hilton started up with the exotic dancing.