The Bachelor Sticks With His (New) Girl, For Now

There was no second shocking ending. On Bachelor: After the Final Rose 2 last night, Jason Mesnick insisted he is sticking with his second choice Molly Malaney

The last time he had six weeks to think about these things, he dumped his chosen fiance, Melissa Rycroft, on the show’s first after-special and asked to get back together with the previously booted Malaney.

By all accounts it was a historic and shocking reversal.

But in last night’s unprecedented final, final show − shot six weeks after he said goodbye to Rycroft on national television — Mesnick showed what vaguely appeared to be staying power.

Malaney says she even plans on moving to Seattle to join Mesnick and his son Ty.

“We’re in love, we’re so happy,” Mesnick said. With each Mesnick comment the sounds of overly-amplified and orchestrated studio audience applause filled the studio. Mesnick called Malaney his “best friend.”

To prove the point, Mesnick rubbed his girlfriend’s bare arm as if he was trying to start a camp fire with sticks.

Overstating the obvious, Mesnick − who did manage to refrain from his trademark self-serving sob in this episode − admitted his national television turnaround/Melissa-dump was “not the classiest thing in the world, But I had to follow my heart.”

“I’m not proud of what I did to (Melissa).”

We feel like puking. But no matter. Tell us what you think? Do you agree with Mesnick’s decision?