Claire Danes Gives Paps the Ring Finger

Claire Danes—who got engaged to her Evening co-star Hugh Dancy last month—indulged in a time-honored ritual of new fiancées yesterday.

Although she did so in an admirably subtle way. The 29-year-old actress was grabbing lunch with a pal in Beverly Hills yesterday. Danes wore a flower-patterned scarf that, coupled with a slight breeze, gave her an excuse to ever-so-artfully flash her big, honking engagement ring at the paps’ cameras.

Sure, she could have just thrust her hand under their lenses, virtually demanding a chorus of oooohs and ahhhs from the shutterbugs. But this is Angela Chase from My So-Called Life we’re talking about. She just doesn’t roll that way.

Well played, Ms. Danes, well played. Hugh’s a lucky man to have you.