Joe Francis and Brody Jenner: No Bro-Mance Here

It was almost Girls Gone Wild versus Bromance last night at Hollywood hotspot, Myhouse.

Joe Francis and Brody Jenner, two of Hollywood’s night-owl kings, exchanged words and had to be separated by security during the midnight fracas, Celebuzz reports exclusively.

According to an onlooker contacted by Celebuzz, the late night incident started when Francis was partying in the same area as Jenner, his girlfriend Jayde Nicole, Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Doug Reinhardt

The onlooker says that it was Francis being “rude to all the girls that Brody was with. He was really over the top and all worked up.”

The fellow-clubber says that Francis was knocking into Jayde in a seeming deliberate manner, which increased to the point that intervention was needed.

“Brody stepped in and was like, stop knocking into my girl,” says the witness.”And Francis started acting like he was going to swing at him.” 

One of Brody’s entourage stepped in to break it up and “just as quickly” Myhouse security pounced as well, says the onlooker, preventing the scene from going any further. Francis was removed from the premises.

When contacted by Celebuzz, Francis confirmed what he called “a verbal altercation.” 

Francis claimed that it was Jayde over-reacting that started the incident. “She tried to start something,” says Francis. ”She says I knocked into her. So (Brody) comes up to me and starts yelling at me. I literally thought he was kidding.”

Francis says “there was no physical contact…the whole thing was stupid.”

As far as the security escort out? “I was leaving anyways,” he says.

Brody’s rep did not comment to Celebuzz on the incident.