Kendra Wilkinson: All About Her Engagement Ring!

Kendra Wilkinson stopped by the Celebuzz offices this week to talk business and more importantly to show off her fantastic engagement ring from fiance Hank Baskett (ZoomIn on the gallery for a closer look).

When we asked the Girls Next Door star to explain the story behind the ring (it’s a 2 1/4 carat princess-cut diamond mounted with 60 diamonds on 18-carat white gold) she could not answer because was impressively left in the dark! “I had nothing to do with it,” Kendra says. “I didn’t even know he was proposing.” 

The star wide-receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles showed that he is an all-star giver as well. “This was very important to me,” Baskett tells Celebuzz.

We asked Hank to explain his ring choice, or dare we say, ring mission:

Hank admits the ring purchase was underway months prior to the proposal last fall. Before he even started shopping for rings, Baskett worked on figuring out the size of Kendra’s ring finger. “I had to be sneaky about it because Kendra’s a little inspector, always picking up clues,” says Baskett. In his undercover work he determined that her ring fit “right about at my pinkie nail.”

With that bit of evidence, he began to shop at Bernie Robbins Fine Jewelers near his house in New Jersey. In his search for perfection, it took weeks of stopping by the store every day. “Kendra would just happen to call me then. Every time. I would be like, I’m getting my computer worked on, I’m at the shoe store. I made something up.”

After weeks of research, Baskett had the concept and the ring specially made. An important aspect was that the diamond was floating “so that you can see it from all angles.”

“I wanted something unique just like Kendra. I wanted to get something she hadn’t seen anywhere.”

Even after the purchase he was still nervous. “I’d keep it in my safe. And I’d look at it every day before practice, then I’d clean it. I’d come home from practice and still clean it. No one else touched it, but I still cleaned it.”

“I honestly felt this was the one. But there was still a lot of nerves,” says Baskett. “Like my god, I hope she likes this.”

Would Kendra love the ring? Tune in tomorrow for her reaction! Meanwhile how lucky is Kendra to have this guy? Let us know below.