Mickey Rourke: Still on the Cutting Edge of Fashion

Mickey Rourke proudly wore silver shoes and an iridescent jacket out to Nelo’s in New York City yesterday.

Where does one buy gear like that?

Rourke, who lost an Oscar to Sean Penn at this year’s Academy Awards, has become almost as well known for his outlandish fashion sense as he is for his acting. Or his love of dogs.

If it’s shiny or outrageously colored and comes in silk or satin, the Mickster’s all over it.

Hey, are you going to criticize him? He’s a trained boxer.

But he’s also a down to earth guy.

Sify.com reports that Rourke recently hung out and chatted with the bathroom attendant at New York hot spot 1 OAK for a while.

Perhaps they were discussing where Rourke gets his clothes?