Taylor Swift's Death Wish Revealed!

Taylor Swift's Death Wish Revealed!-photo

Taylor Swift would seem to have everything to live for these days. But as the 19-year-old country-music sensation reveals to MTV.com, she harbors a very dark fantasy.

"I've always joked around with my record label and my mom and everybody—all my friends know that my dream is to die on CSI," Swift admits. "I've always wanted to be one of the characters on there that they're trying to figure out what happened to."

Swift may have her wish granted tonight. The singer's guest appearance on the hit crime drama airs tonight at 9 p.m. EST, with Swift portraying Haley Jones, a teenager whose parents own a run-down hotel with a history of serving as a murder scene.

The episode will follow a year of Jones' life with obviously tragic consequences, but it has not yet been revealed if Swift's character will meet her demise.

Here's hoping your dream is fulfilled, Taylor! In a purely fictional way, of course.



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