Top Model Allison Harvard Is...the Bride of Chucky!

Top Model Allison Harvard Is...the Bride of Chucky!-photo

The premiere of America's Next Top Model's cycle 12 aired last night on the CW, and the breakout contestant of this season in the weirdness category would seem to be bloody nose enthusiast Allison Harvard.


Not only does she love blood, but the wide-eyed model is a dead ringer for The Bride of Chucky!

Check it out: The spooky doll eyes, the porcelain face, and the lust for blood!

How are any of the other Top Model contestants going to sleep at night with Allison around?

Ms. Jay even pointed out Harvard's Bride of Chucky resemblance when Allison noted that she looked like a "scary doll" during her casting.

"Yeah..." Allison breathed, totally agreeing with him. *shudder* Check the video above.

Which one would you rather spend the night with? Let us know in our poll!



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  • Mena-hoee=)

    M'Kay wellll...lets make fun of allison bcuz shes ugly and blah blah blah! i think allison is a very sweet and innocent girl..even though she has an obsession with blood...but i bet she is a whole lot prettier then any of u guys talking shiiiit bout' her! go get a life! and im not just saying all this bcuz my names Allison too..but bcuz i mean it! she is strong and beautiful! and she dont look like chuckies wifee idiots! only thier green eyes...omg! they are like twins! GO DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN CRITICIZE PEOPLE!

  • sam beere
    sam beere

    i think she is so gorgeous, def my pic for that season... her eyes kinda melt my heart haha call me alison lol

  • denni

    i love her, she's totally my favorite.i lover her look, it's the most interesting i've seen on antm

  • ANtmbrazil

    i heard that she'll be in the final 2! im sure! i want her to win

  • sarah willman
    sarah willman

    holy smokes this chick is scary. BULL sh*t shes gorgeous! and i hope she wins!

  • mollygirl

    The modeling world needs a fresh face. Allison is what the modeling industry needs. She is beautiful and a very delightful personality to behold. Love you Alli.

  • mollygirl

    I LOVE her. I love her too, She would be a great asset to the modeling industry. What do you no about her?

  • cassi

    I LOVE her. ooooh me too shes sooo cute!!

  • Xebi

    La amo

  • Melissa

    She is so beautiful. I stopped watching ANTM after Cycle 3, but I have been watching cycle 12 because of Allison.

  • jjorory

    this girl is a goddess I've never really found the antm girls to be anything special, a dime a dozen in the modeling world allison is the only one that has I have found to be really intriguing, I'm going to make a point of watching the show as long as she is on it

  • what?

    yeah. because allison totally has pencil drawn eye brows and cheap black lipstick with peroxide blonde hair. she's got creepy eyes, but they're also really naive and innocent looking. not skanky like what you're comparing her to. so shut the f*ck up.

  • MyMuffin

    I falled in luv with her.

  • Lance CPL
    Lance CPL

    Leave the girl alone. Just because she's not the same typical monotonous dumb blonde chick that so happens to always comes by the show doesn't mean you can insult her. Hey, at least she has an interesting personality.

  • anonymous


  • dsgsdg

    I hope she'll scare them to death. Go Allison

  • FiFiFi

    I would rather spend my night with the Great Mother than what you Celebfags think its beautiful and social acceptable. Allison > all of your typical celebwhores.

  • dfn

    So you're insulting her looks because she's not one of those blonde, preppy airheads? You're so shallow, it makes me physically sick. Just because she's a little different, you insult her like this? I'm going to go vomit.

  • uhjk

    I LOVE her.