VIDEO: Deleted Scene Puts the Bite Back Into Twilight

VIDEO: Deleted Scene Puts the Bite Back Into Twilight-photo

Looks like Twilight the DVD will have some more bite than the movie.

The deleted scenes are leaking out and Access Hollywood will feature this bite-scene outtake from Robert Pattinson's and Kristen Stewart's romp in the forest clearing.

In the cut scene, Robert takes a bite of Kristen's finger. He likes what he's tasting! Then Kristen take a taste of his chewed finger. Even though she's a "fragile little human," she likes it too. Hot, hot, hot!


Kristen clearly enjoyed the biting as well. She told a Japanese fan meeting that being bitten by Pattinson was "so much better" than one could expect it was. 

Why do you think this super hot scene was deleted? Let us know in comments!



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  • annepattinson

    OMG!! that scene is as old as my granny!!! I like it but it just never ever happens i the book.. whatever.. its fun eventhoug it never happened...

  • valerieee

    No, it shouldn't be in the movie, as hot as it may be! Edward is a vampireee, which means his mouth and teeth are full of venom!

  • cb92

    wow thats wierd but for some reason super hot.

  • violetstars

    that was just wierd. irrelevant.

  • awurbii

    i get why they deleted it. its a weird scene. ppl would ave been like what the hell? if they kept it.

  • gurl

    whats rong with him!

  • Jen

    Yeah, its definitely not in the book. But it is HOT and it should have been in the movie, cause i think the entire middle section of the movie was rushed, and we didn't get to see much of their love story, and it was all one minute they are not together, the next minute they are running from James, we didn't get much in between, so it would have been nice to have a little more substance to their love story, and even though this wasn't in the book, it would have done that. and did i mention how HOT it is.

  • rfmelo

    I agree with jas: MORE PASSION IN NEW MOON, PLEASE! I know Edward is in pain and trying hard to control himself when he touches Bella, but I think Robbert made it look harder that it really is in the book. It's like he is disgusted or something like that...

  • Rob is Sexy!!
    Rob is Sexy!!

    This is lame im glad they cut it out. But im glad we still got to see it, lame or not thanks for that!! Rob looks amazing in it though! Wish he talked more in the movie like he does in the book. There werent really any cute moments between them everything was always so intense. I liked seeing him happy in this scene. He looks goregous! She's crap.

  • jas

    definetly its not included in the book!but its so hot i wush they didnt deleted that scene...more passion in new moon please....

  • dchoi1206

    Great scene and yea, definitely would not have happen, but maybe they could save this scene for a later part in the series. :

  • tillyCA

    tracimac--yeah, agreed. Doesn't happen, couldn't happen, but man oh man is it SUPER HOTT

  • Nadia

    i love that scene and the look on Robert's face ..Its just so much better n sexcier..He is a Sexy Beast

  • mmr86

    lol what an amusing scene, it got me hot under the collar just watching the kissing scene but this...whoa

  • tracimac

    It was obviously deleted because the scene never happens in the book and because we all know Edward would lose control if he was even near a drop of her blood at this point in the novel. Not that I would have complained if it was include -- that scene is so HOTT it leaves me delirious!