Celebuzz Asks: Is Britney’s ‘Circus’ Inappropriate For Her Kids?

Britney Spears wants her kids to see her Circus concert tour. But is this simply a case of a mother wanting to bring her tots to work.

British newspaper The Daily Mirror reported that Britney’s ex, Kevin Federline, doesn’t want their children taking in Mom’s act due to some of its content. Britney, on her Web site, called these reports false.

Whichever version falls closer to the truth, a keen observer noticed a sippy-cup-slurping Sean Preston with brother Jayden James enjoying Mommy’s performance from the audience during her inaugural tour date in New Orleans on March 3.

What would give Federline pause about the show?

Well, there’s the issue of pasties that are incorporated into one bodysuit she wears. And many of the other costumes Spears wears in her show border on the salacious, including a stripper-esque policewoman outfit and a saucy ringmaster leotard.

And some of the arcs of the show are decidedly sexual in nature.

During her performance of “Radar,” Britney engages in some pole dancing. And “Touch of My Hand” has her being blindfolded by two men and performing sensual aerial acrobatics.

The costumes, combined with some of the scenarios, give the show the air of a sexy Cirque De Soleil.

But inappropriate for children? There’s no nudity, and no word of any simulated sex acts from some of Britney’s idol Madonna’s past tours.

But what do you think? Should the children be watching these shows? Let us know in the poll!