Celebuzz Spotlight: Rihanna's Nightmare Car Ride

Celebuzz Spotlight: Rihanna's Nightmare Car Ride-photo

While focus has shifted to their controversial reunion, horrifying new details have emerged from inside Chris Brown and Rihanna's violent car ride the night of February 8.

Notes from the official police investigation surrounding the domestic violence incident, which left Rihanna battered and bruised, have surfaced. The contents reveal a shocking chain of events and account for all of the injuries endured by the singer.

Here is a summary of the graphic notes released:

  • On the morning of Sunday February 8, following an evening at Clive Davis' annual Grammy bash, Rihanna is said to have discovered a lengthy text from a former girlfriend of Brown's. Voices were raised and Brown pulled over the gray Lamborghini he was driving.
  • Once the car was stopped on an unknown street in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Brown opened Rihanna's passenger door and attempted to force her out of the vehicle. Her seatbelt secured her in the car despite his efforts.
  • Realizing he could not eject her, Brown proceeded to shove Rihanna's head against the passenger window, causing "an approx. 1-inch raised circular contusion," the notes said.
  • Recoiling from the head injury, Rihanna turned to face Brown, who proceeded to "punch her in the left eye," then started the car and "continued to punch her in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left."
  • The punches caused bleeding at the mouth, which then splattered around parts of the vehicle. Brown then said to Rihanna, according to the report, "I am going to beat the s**t out of you when we get home! You wait and see."
  • Rihanna then pulled out her cell phone and called her assistant, named as Jennifer Rosales. The assistant's voicemail message picked up, yet Rihanna pretended she was having a live conversation to elude Brown. "I am on my way home. Make sure the cops are there when I get there."
  • Enraged by Rihanna's threat to call the police, Brown responded by saying, "You just did the stupidest thing ever. Now I really am going to kill you."
  • Brown resumed his punching, at which point Rihanna placed her hands behind her head and brought her elbows down to her lap to protect her face. Brown continued hitting, resulting in "numerous contusions on her left triceps" and left hand.
  • After Rihanna attempted to send a text message for help, Brown threw her phone out of the car window.
  • As Brown continued to drive, Rihanna then tried to take Brown's cell phone from his lap. He used this opportunity to put the singer in a headlock (while still driving) as he bit her left ear.
  • Brown stopped the car in front of a residence. Rihanna quickly removed the key from the engine and sat on it.
  • Brown then applied pressure to Rihanna's carotid arteries (in and around the neck). She began to lose consciousness.
  • A barrage of punching and biting continued, forcing Rihanna to bring her knees to her neck, where she began kicking Brown and screaming for help.
  • Brown exited the vehicle (the notes are unclear as to where Brown went, but he fled the scene) while a nearby resident came to Rihanna's aid.


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  • filippi


  • renee

    I hate chris brown he is a b*tch i can't believe he would do that to her

  • Destiny

    that was so wrong wat he did to her if i was her i would never take him back and i dont like chris brown no more

  • amazeMe.

    That is disgusting. Oprah is going to FLIP out. Domestic abuse is horrible. I'm going to check out the tabloids. In about a month or so, "Rihanna is PREGNANT" might show up. What Chris Brown did is disgusting. It cannot be escused or forgiven.

  • Theonna

    chirs brown is crazy and if all of u think she wanted to be beat like this then u r crazy them picture dont even look like rihanna omg man just shut up cuz u dont know what happen


    forgiveness can be given but going back together with CB is a big NO!

  • Carla.

    f*ckin' CB! he doesn''t deserve Rihanna! I know she's better than him! I'd like that someone do the same to him, then he'd know how it feels when they hittin you and u're indefence. I hope Rihanna doesn't forgive him never!

  • nicole

    that seems like a bunch of bull to me