Michelle Obama's Big Plans for The White House

Michelle Obama's Big Plans for The White House-photo

First Lady Michelle Obama continues to make history. Among her other amazing feats, she can now count being the first person ever to share the cover of O Magazine with Oprah Winfrey.

"People do judge a magazine by its cover, which is why it’s important to me to keep the cover of this one looking fresh,” Winfrey said in a statement, "And right now nothing—and I mean nothing—is fresher than the family that moved into the White House in January."

Move in they did, Michelle and her husband President Barack Obama, and their daughters Sasha and Malia.

While she's already captivated the country with her fashion forwardness (Obama appears on the O cover in Michael Kors, the same designer she donned in her official White House portrait), her next step is design.

"[Our decor] will reflect our family," Obama tells the mag, "I want comfortable sofas, I want art that reflects contemporary and traditional, I want to bring in new American artisans."

Don't worry for the couple's children, however. No matter how modern the look, it'll be built for fun.

"You’ve got to be able to make a fort with the sofa pillows! Everything must be fort-worthy."



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  • katie

    Not sure why some people keep on saying that Michelle Obama is beautiful and a fashion icon.. IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEIR VISION OR THEY'RE SIMPLY DEMOCRATS WHO ARE FANATICS...

  • thereisonlyserenity

    I think that red and yellow are fashionable...for a woman with a darker skin tone who will not be washed out. The clear belt, too, is unexpected, but not "awful"...

  • Haylz

    Jealousy is a disease.. Get over it People.. Michelle O and Oprah look stunning.. Gracious Lord..

  • noah

    Michelle is here to help relieve the nation's misguided aggression. See Matt, this is where you're going to lose. You're too connected to the issue. I never argue from emotion, or aggression, or feelings... because ultimately, I sold my soul in 1987 for the brilliance that I possess today. This allows me to comment from a brutally honest and callous standpoint. So again, I'll reiterate: M'Obama has giant horse-teeth and dresses like she lost a bet. Fact.

  • mdonnelly

    Don't worry, Noah. Michelle is here to help relieve the nation's misguided aggression. One comment at a time :)

  • noah

    And by" BITE," I really mean "stand there in ugly clothing with giant horse teeth."

  • noah

    n related stories: D-Bags can now pinpoint primary colors in fashion stories. Aww Matt, would a giant M'Obama hug make you feel better? I know some people.... I'll try to set something up. Just make sure you wear a neck guard, she's been known to BITE.

  • mdonnelly

    n related stories: D-Bags can now pinpoint primary colors in fashion stories.

  • noah

    In other Michelle Obama news related to this cover photo... if she wore a green hat she'd look like a giant stop light. Or better yet, she could just put a giant paper bag over her head to hide those horse chompers AND accomplish the same hideous fashion statement.

  • noah

    What's with the cover photo? It looks like Oprah is praying that Michelle doesn't take a bite out of her with those giant horse-teeth.

  • sbaran

    I love Oprah, but her face is looking Star-Jones-esque post gastro surgery...some women just carry a zaftig look better...

  • mdonnelly

    I agree JP. And yes, it's News in the way that Michelle is going to revolutionize the office of the First Lady!!!

  • jp

    To be fair TJ you are reading from celebuzz.com. What kind of hard news did you come here to see?

  • itsmemarke

    i think what's significant is that this is the first time the big O has ever had anyone besides her narcissistic self on the cover of her magazine

  • TJ

    This is news??? You are kidding. Well that is really something we all care about. Laura Bush had style. But then I really don't care whether M Obama or her husband are on magazines because my life is more important than to always be looking for them on the cover. They are a novelty right now that's all. By the way, yellow with that red. Not sophisticated.