Miley Cyrus: No Stranger to the Wooden Spoon

Newly minted authoress Miley Cyrus was at Barnes & Noble in New York yesterday, promoting her autobiography, Miles to Go. And while the memoir has already provided its share of eye-opening revelations currently promoting her new memoir, Miles to Go, and in a recent radio interview reveals that parents Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus weren’t opposed to smacking her on the butt when she got out of line as a little kid.

“I think I’ve gotten a wooden spoon, like, twice,” she said on the JohnJay and Rich radio show.

Yeowch! And that wasn’t the only punishment Miley has received. Nevermind about a spanking, Ma and Pa Cyrus hit the 16-year-old media tycoon where it really hurts—her cell phone!

“I once had my phone off a balcony [as punishment], and I had to buy a new one myself.”

We’re sure that Cyrus was able to afford it.

In the revealing interview, Cyrus also commented on who she finds attractive. And it’s not Brad Pitt.

“I’m a Brad Pitt fan as an actor. I don’t necessarily think he’s good-looking. Like I think Harry Connick Jr. is so cute. I think Gerard Butler is ‘Oh my God.'”

And one more thing? Don’t call her “baby.” It’s Ms. Cyrus if you nasty.

“I don’t allow “babe” or “baby” really. I have a name.”

Tell it like it is, Hannah Montana!