Chris Brown Wants Your Vote!

Chris Brown Wants Your Vote!-photo

Seriously, does Chris Brown have no shame?

On the same day he went to court to postpone his arraignment for his alleged brawl with Rihanna, Chris took to his Myspace blog to send a little message to his fans.

An apology? Not exactly. Rather, he urged his fans to vote for him in the upcoming Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards!

His blog directs his fans to cast their vote for him in the categories of "Favorite Male Singer" and "Favorite Song" on the family friendly awards show, which takes place on March 28th.

Tell us, would you vote for Chris Brown after reading the police account of what he did to poor Rihanna that ill-fated night before the Grammys? Discuss below!



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  • monica

    chris brown is so hot f*ck rihanna she is unlg for chris brown.

  • chatoria

    hi i would like to know why did you hit rihanna

  • Mary

    ew. anyone that votes for him is seriously deranged Avoiding Chris and seeking help was her natural, bio-psychological response. Going back with him could only mean that she knows he will have someone kill her if she testifies against him. Her stomach must feel sour when he is near her. She deserves an Oscar. Nikelodeon will never be watched by my kids, again.

  • kat

    He is a felon and should not be awarded for his crimes. Nickelodeon fans are impressionable and may think this kind of behavior is acceptable since there seems to be no punishment. I will NEVER listen to his music ever again. BOYCOTT CHRIS BROWN

  • chris brown lover
    chris brown lover

    i love chris brown please dont do that to him

  • mylena

    yes, I vote with Chris Brown as many times as it takes, I know the fans of true q also voted him.

  • ursh

    well i like his songs but i won't vote for him becouse he hits rihanna!!!!

  • jennifer725

    I sent Nickelodeon a very strongly worded email. This is absolutely ridiculous. I can't believe a children's network would support this batterer.

  • concerned mother
    concerned mother

    Why aren't advertisers punishing Nickelodeon for allowing him to even be mentioned in the awards show? I think the broadcast should be boycotted by everyone in protest.

  • hannah

    yes he should be out of jail and have another canger

  • I hate Chris Brown
    I hate Chris Brown

    His vocal chords should be pulled from his throat with acrylic fingernails.

  • basketca

    What she did to Rihanna doesn't make him a bad singer, it makes him a bad person, so if you think that his the best of the nominees, it's normal to vote for him. But yeah, he has no shame. And I won't vote for him, because I don't like him as person and as singer.

  • beez

    Shocking. Is he really going to the awards?

  • Bia

    Unbelievable, this piece of sh**t. I´m disgusting.

  • bawwow

    ew. anyone that votes for him is seriously deranged


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