Jennifer Aniston Bonds (As Daniel Craig Dines)

Jennifer Aniston might be taking this Bond stuff pretty seriously.

Aniston returned to her favorite dining grounds — the Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower hotel — seemingly dressed for the secret agent part.

“She entered the bar in this fantastic black trench coat with the collar pulled up,” a fellow diner tells Celebuzz. “It was straight out of a movie. She looked like the sexy Russian spy.”

“She made a sexy bee-line for a table in the corner of the place out of view.”

You might believe that Aniston was just trying to make a lowkey entrance to meet friends. Indeed, she took the disguise off at the table which was soon filled with two-female pals and the candlelight gossiping was pretty intense.

“The friends were so close together in their talking that their noses were almost touching,” says the diner. 

But we’re chosing to believe that this was a Bond mission, and the entire free world was at stake. We do know that Aniston told Elle magazine this month that she’d “love to do an action movie. James Bond. Glamor. Daniel Craig.”

And who else happened to be dining at the Sunset Tower Friday night. None other than 007 himself Daniel Craig, at another table. We’re sure he was impressed with what he saw, but did he get the micro-film?