British Bachelor on Jason Mesnick's Crying: "It Made Me Sick In My Mouth"

British Bachelor on Jason Mesnick's Crying:

British men are never fond of this American sensitivity thing.

So you can only imagine how Bachelor: London Calling's Matt Grant felt about watching Bachelor Jason Mesnick crying every 15 minutes or so in front of millions of television viewers.

"Sometimes it made me a little bit sick in my mouth," Grant tells Celebuzz exclusively. "Sometimes it just made me laugh."

While a friend of the most recent Bachelor ("I've always liked Jason"), Grant says the constant waterworks were too much for him. "I've always been a follower of the stiff-upper-British-lip," says Grant. "Men shouldn't cry on television. But maybe that's me being British."

"I wanted to take him seriously, but when he was crying, it was really hard." 

And did Grant ever shed a tear while on the show? "There was that time I was cooking and was dicing up onions," he says dryly. "I believe I welled up slightly. But that's it."

Grant was especially troubled how in the After the Rose program, the tears for ousted bachelor pick Melissa Rycroft turned into lip-lock with Molly Malaney on the same couch a commercial break later. "How could he be instantly snogging Molly?" he asks. "Half of me wanted to throw a brick into my TV."

Grant, who has found happiness after his Bachelor experience with girlfriend Sarah Robarts, said he understands the pressures of the pick and respects Mesnick's reversal. "At least Jason had the balls to put up his hands and say, 'you know what, I screwed up and picked the wrong one.'" Further, the on-air switch might have been the "the only way to get Molly back."

The Brit has met his American counterpart several times and even met him with Molly. "It's for real," he says. "This is a couple that is genuinely interested in each other."

"Besides, they've both humiliated themselves on national television," says Grant. "That bond alone will keep them together for a very long time."



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  • Jamie

    Heh Brit, keep your comments to yourself. Did you forget your girlfriend is not divorced from her second husband as of yet, and that you are living in her husbands condo with his two children. That's about enough to make me cry....and want to throw a brick....You still think your above it all. Must be that British stiff upper lip.

  • dary day
    dary day

    Why is this Brit so off base on one key point? Log on to the for the real deal

  • darla

    burn... ""Besides, they've both humiliated themselves on national television," says Grant. "That bond alone will keep them together for a very long time.""

  • Halle

    I liked Jason, now I don't. But seriously, I don't like Matt either. Crying isn't my problem with Jason. Who cares if you act sensitive and sweet if you really aren't? Jason proved that he wasn't during the After the Rose thing. Geez, but crying is natural. I don't think I could live with a guy that didn't cry or didn't show his emotions. You don't look tough. You just are un-relatable and cold.