Jade Goody: Dying Reality Star Baptized With Her Two Sons

In another heart-breaking development, it was just revealed that dying reality star Jade Goody was baptized in a touching ceremony on Saturday in London.

The service, which took place at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital, was attended by her close friends and family, with a “very pale and fragile” Goody in a wheelchair. Her two sons, Bobby, 5, and Freddy, 4, were also christened with their 27-year-old mom.

While Jade desired to have her baptism in an actual church, she was in no condition to leave the hospital. Her publicist, Max Clifford, announced that the ceremony would be her last public event.

He went on to add that “It was in my mind that she was saying a final goodbye to some people. Jade was obviously very happy with the whole thing; Jeff was there on one side, Jack was there on the other side, and it was a very short and emotional service. I think everybody knew just how important it was to Jade.”

Jade has only a weeks to live after a very long and public battle with cervical cancer. 

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