Paris Hilton: Another Night, Another Birthday Party

Paris Hilton: Another Night, Another Birthday Party-photo

As Celebuzz reported yesterday, Paris Hilton and new flame Doug Reinhardt are celebrating Paris' 28th birthday in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend.

The couple arrived in Sin City on Friday via private jet with about 15 friends, and made their entrance into the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. While Paris' birthday was last month, she's had multiple celebrations across the country and did the whole birthday thing again last night.

The socialite hosted a party at Body English inside the Hard Rock on Saturday night alongside Doug, who looked like he was absolutely loving the attention. After a few weeks of secretive hook-ups between the two, it seems as though Paris is finally willing and ready to show off her feelings for Amanda Bynes' ex. And show off she did!

Paris reportedly sang one of her songs (wish we were there for that!) and Doug led the crowd in singing happy birthday towards the end of the night!

No word on whether or not this is the last birthday fiesta for Paris. There's absolutely no stopping this girl!



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  • antiagingsytropin

    Paris Hilton never ceases to amaze/appall me. This hairstyle suits her though. It's almost believable that she's human. Almost.

  • bawwow

    lets just throw ourselves a bday party every night of the year! wheee!

  • Haylz

    Seriously?? Doug is a hottie anywayz... Paris hilton like partying Geez