Hayden Panettiere Is “Miserable”

Hayden Panettiere, 19, reportedly snapped at a number of people at a fundraiser event in Hawaii this weekend.

The pint-sized Heroes star is alleged to have screamed “don’t you ever touch me!” and shoved a reporter trying to speak with her at a fundraiser benefiting the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific Foundation yesterday in Honolulu, according to Us.

A female television reporter had supposedly touched Panettiere’s shoulder to get her attention and asked “may we talk with you, Hayden?”

Panettiere, who had just yelled to photographers to “back up” and was walking away, was said to have jerked her head around to scream at the reporter.

We realize being stalked by Sylar can be stressful, but wow.

Afterwards, Panettiere reportedly stayed frosty and asked her red carpet handler “oh, am I supposed to do interviews?”

It was a seriously frowny day for Claire Bennet as she refused to answer questions and told gathered media outlets that “you all make my life miserable.”

Perhaps she’s still smarting from her break-up with co-star Milo Ventimiglia?

In that case, things might have brightened up for the grouchy actress after the red carpet massacre.

Hayden reportedly spent some time with He’s Just Not That Into You actor Justin Long in a private cabana during the event.

She also dined with him afterwards and the two are said to have talked for over an hour.

Maybe she was able to express her feelings about what seems to have rendered her so moody.