Jason Segel: Will Kiss Dudes for Laughs

For his new bromantic comedy I Love You, Man, star Paul Rudd attempts to find a Prince of a best friend by kissing quite a few frogs.

In one such scene, Rudd goes on a man-date only to be unexpectedly smooched by his companion. Too bad his costar Jason Segal wasn’t given the scene, he’s old pro and puckering up to dudes.

Segal tells New York Magazine that at the age of 12, when Saturday Night Live aired it’s first man-on-man kiss, a fellow classmate offered to show him how it was done.

“I said, ‘Yeah, sure. I would love that; I love comedy.’ …And then he just kissed me. There was no trick, it was just a proper kiss,” said Segal.

Ever the apt pupil, we’re sure Jason enjoyes repeating the lesson with others.