Jennifer Garner’s Gut-Check

Looks like Jennifer Garner’s still trying to work off the baby weight.

The 36-year-old actress—who gave birth to her second daughter, Seraphina Rose, on January 6—took her three-year-old daughter Violet to lunch at the Napa Valley Grille (“wine country meets Hollywood”) in Los Angeles yesterday.

While giving an acquaintance a farewell hug, Garner let her shirt ride up, offering a too-generous glimpse of her still-recovering midsection.

To be fair, she did just give birth two months ago. And she got pretty big while carrying Seraphina.

But she might want to opt for wardrobe with a little more coverage until she whips herself back into pre-baby shape, maybe something along the line of oversized sweats. No one would think any less of her.