Jort Watch: Jessica Simpson & Britney Spears Duke It Out

Jort Watch: Jessica Simpson & Britney Spears Duke It Out-photo

Not since the Mickey Mouse club days has the smell of competition been so potent.

In the left corner, we have a slimmer-looking Jessica Simpson sporting seriously short shorts at the Strawberry Festival in Florida. In the right, Britney Spears getting in some retail therapy the day after a Miami Circus tour stop.

This is clearly a battle of the Jorts (aka Jean Shorts), but what side do you fall on?

The thigh-riding fit of Jessica's increasingly toned bod, or do you seek the packed-in back on Britney's shopping spree?



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  • haeleluu

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  • earwinehen

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  • Hallie bby
    Hallie bby

    One; jessica is NOT FAT! Two; I voted brit cause heck i'm a bigger fan of hers.

  • estrella

    jessica simpson is not fat.

  • crystal

    Brit looks way better than Jessica.

  • chichi

    ew, she is gone into a fat zone. She really needs to lose some weight. Train wreck disaster. There are no hopes of picking up her career.


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